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XFs 999B

Range (EPA est.)


Top Speed


0-60 mph

Model S Exterior

Designed for Efficiency

  • With a drag coefficient of just .208 Cd, the lowest on the planet, Model S is built for speed, endurance, and range. Improved aerodynamics and a wider chassis offer more responsive performance so you can take corners quicker and with more confidence.

Relentless Performance

  • Staggered, performance wheels and tires keep the car planted and help transfer maximum power down to the road.

Optimized Aerodynamics

  • Attention to detail on all exterior surfaces makes Model S the most aerodynamic production car on Earth.

Refined Styling

  • An iconic silhouette meets refreshed, elegant proportions.

Cinematic Experience

  • A 17” touchscreen with left-right tilt offers 2200 x 1300 resolution, true colors, and exceptional responsiveness for gaming, movies, and more.

Yoke Steering

  • A bold new approach gives you a true connection to Model S, offering a better steering feel and unobstructed views of your dash and the road ahead. Tap the brake and Model S automatically selects the correct direction to start your trip.

Perfect Environment

  • Air vents are hidden throughout the cabin, while tri-zone temperature controls, ventilated seats, and HEPA filtration deliver the perfect environment.

Redesigned Second Row

  • Seating for three adults, with extra legroom, headroom, and a stable armrest with integrated storage and wireless charging.

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